Benefits of TaeKwon-Do

The first step to learn TaeKwon-Do,

Is to understand,

To understand, is to know,

To know, is to be aware,

To be aware, is to find truth,

To find truth, is to begin

Grand Master Park Jung Tae

Mental Fitness

Through devoted training one can gradually attain mental fitness.  By practicing and repeating each step to perfection, we become more patient  Self-confidence is attained through the power of one's body and the knowledge of how to use it at any place and in any situation.  Sparring helps us build humility, courage, alertness, accuracy and develops self-conrol.  By doing patterns, we increase our flexibility, grace, balance and coordination.  Through discipline, we learn cooperation and mutual respect.  Prejudices are not welcome and we soon learn that racial barriers only stand in the way of our training.

Physical Fitness

There are many physical benefits for a person who practices TaeKwon-Do.  Along with developing a healthier, leaner and more flexible body, we also increase endurance through a typical training regime. The health related effects of training are numerous.

TaeKwon-Do training:

  1. Helps the lungs operate more efficiently.
  2. Enlarges the blood vessels and lowers the diastolic blood pressure.
  3. Increases blood supply to all parts of the body.
  4. Creates healthierbody tissue by supplying it with more oxygen.
  5. Conditions the heart.
  6. Promotes bettwer sleep and waste elimination
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