Three Step Sparring (Sam Bo Matsogi)

A. Offense: right foot back for walking stance with low section outer forearm block.

B. Defense: after offense has taken position, move the left foot into parallel ready stance until attacked by offense.



A. Walking stance, middle punch three times.

B. L-stance middle inner forearm side block two times; counter at the same time the offense is performing the third punch by dodging forward to the right on a 30 degree angle, left knifehand block to the offensive punch, right high puch to the face at the same time.



A. Walking stance high section punch three times.

B. Walking stance, outer forearm high section rising block three times; counter by grabbing the punching arm from the last rising block, twist, push forward and then pull back and right middle punch.



A. L-stance, knife-hand side strike to the neck three times

B. L-stance (left foot moves first), knife-hand side block three times; counter with a slide forward and to the left (outside of opponent) to a left L-stance and right elbow strike to the ribs while holding fist.



A. L-stance, middle section punch three times

B. L-stance (Left foot moves first) middle outer forearm inward block three times; counter by grabbing the arm with the left hand and pulling back to vertical stance and knife-hand strike to the neck all at the same time, then high turning kick with the right foot.



A. Walking stance, high knife-hand inward strike three times.

B. L-stance, knife-hand guarding block three times; counter by pulling the left (front) foot back to the right, right front snap kick and left (reverse) upset punch to the middle section while stepping into the right walking stance



A. Walking stance, low section front snap kick stepping into a right walking stance low wedging block; middle section side piercing kick with a high punch stepping into a right L-stance guarding block; and high section turning kick stepping into a left L-stance guarding block.

B. Walking stance, left low section outer forearm block; L-stance right outer forearm waist block; and L-stance left high section outer forearm side block; counter by pulling the front foot back, right middle side piercing kick, feet together, high section turning side kick with the left foot.

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