One Step Sparring (Il Bo Matsogi)

After bow:
A. Offense; move right fiit to parallel ready stance.
B. Defense; move left foot to parallel ready stance


A. Right walking stance, middle punch
B. Move left foot forward to the left to a 45 degree angle into a sitting stance with left palm pushing block to the fist, then right middle punch and then     a left high punch.
A. Middle side piercing kick with the right foot, stepping down into an L-stance guarding block.
B. Slide both feet to the right into a right rear foot stance, left high punch, then move the right foot and hip behind the opponent's hip, grab the               punching arm with the left hand, and around the waist with the right arm, and throw the opponent.
A. Left L-stance, right high knifehand side strike.
B. Move the left foot back with a right knifehand side block, then grab the hand and lock the wrist, pull to straighten the arm then push back toward         the opponent, then left leg pressing kick to the shoulder, forcing the opponent to the ground.
A. Stepping forward into a right walking stance, grab the shoulders with both hands
B. Move the right foot back with a highknifehand wedging block; grab opponent's arms and pull down while striking to the stomach with the right knee.
A. Right leg high turning kick, stepping down into an L-stance guarding block.
B. Move forward with the right leg into a sitting stance, perform a left high outer forearm block and right high elbow strike to the chin.
A. Jumping left side piercing kick, stepping down into an L-stance guarding block.
B. Dodge to the right, left leg high hook kick turning kick combination, stepping down into an L-stance guarding block.
A. Right walking stance with right flat fingertip thrust.
B. Move the right foot counter clockwise over the opponent's right leg in a stamping motion into a sitting stance while performing a right outer forearm     inward block and a left back elbow thrust to the stomach, then turn clockwise right wrist rab pushing the arm and sweeping the opponent's right           foot at the same time.
A. Right walking stance, high downward attack with the right side fist.
B. Move the left leg forward with a left high outer forearm rising block, then right reverse knifehand strike to the elbow, move the right hand behind         the opponent's arm bending and locking it then push back knee joint of the opponent's front leg with the right foot.
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