Four Step Sparring (Sa Bo Matsogi)

A. Offense: right foot back for walking stance with low section outer forearm block.

B. Deffense: after offense has taking position, move the left foot into parallel ready stnace until attacked by offense.



     A. Walking stance, middle section punch four times.

     B. Walking stance, middle section inner forearm block four times; counter with a middle section reverse punch.



     A. Walking stance, high section punch four times.

     B. L-stance, knifehand side block four times; counter by changing to walking stance moving front foot and high section reverse punch.



    A. Low section front snap kick with low wedging block four times.

    B. Walking stance low section outer forearm block four times; counter by jumping up with both legs and landing in right L-stance while performing a left knifehand side strike to neck


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