Step Sparring

Step sparring is a formalized method by which students of TaeKwon-Do can practice offensive moves, defensive moves and counter attacks.  The initial group of step sparring, four step sparring, is usually performed solo, without a partner.  Here, students practice the offense first and then the defense and counter attack.  All other step sparring is usually done with a partner, each person taking a turn at offense and defense.  One advantage to all step sparring is that it can be initially rehearsed by the individual.


First offensive movement is stepping forward with the right leg, unless otherwise indicated.

First defensive movement is stepping backward with the right leg, unless otherwise indicated.

Students should practice all levels of step sparring starting with either the left foot or with the right foot as well as attacking or defending, stepping forward or backward.


Offense should yell Kiyup before attacking.  Defense then yells kiyup when ready to defend. Offense should not attack until defense has signaled that he/she is ready.  Defense yells kiyup with the final moe of his/her counter-atttack.


Step Sparring

Four Step Sparring (Sa Bo Matsogi)

Three Step Sparring (Sam Bo Matsogi)

Two Step Sparring (Ibo Matsogi)Two Step Sparring (Ibo Matsogi)

One Step Sparring (Il Bo Matsogi)

Knee Step Sparring (Moorup Bo Matsogi)

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